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Manage Your Benefits With Ease

What is Ease?

Ease is a benefits administration and HR software solution that makes it simple to set up and manage employee benefits, onboard new hires, stay compliant, and offer employees one destination for all their human resources information.

Ease works with 75,000 small businesses that have more than 2.5 million employees enrolling in benefits online.

How does Ease work for you and your employees?

Ease’s benefits administration solution offers a better benefits experience for all.

Better Healthcare Decisions
Ease helps your employees make smarter decisions by putting copays, coverage, SBCs, and costs at their fingertips.

Faster Employee Enrollment
Employees only enter their information once, they must complete all fields, and they can digitally sign their forms.

24/7 Access to Benefits Information
Employees can access Ease via web, mobile, or iOS and Android mobile apps to view important benefit details year-round.

Why Online Benefits Enrollment?

  • Eliminate paper forms.
  • Reduce errors with a rules-based system.
  • Employees can compare plans side-by-side and see the cost for a benefit plan per pay period.
  • Access real-time updates on open enrollment progress.
  • Employees can e-sign their forms.
  • Store information documents—like Summaries of Benefits & Coverage (SBC), in the cloud for employees to securely access at any time.
  • Receive free, online training from Ease.
  • Access Help Desk 24/7.

Employee Enrollment Experience

Do you want to empower your employees to take control of their own health, but you’re having trouble finding a solution that makes benefits information accessible and comprehensible?

The employee benefits enrollment experience with Ease allows side-by-side plan comparisons with coverage details and the cost per pay period. A unique login allows employees to discuss benefit options at home with their dependents and view important benefit details like plan summaries and policy numbers.

Simplify Onboarding and Hiring

Gather new employee information with Ease’s HR software features. Onboarding syncs with benefits so employees only enter their information once.

  • Complete W-2 and W-4 forms with e-signatures.
  • Collect direct deposit information.
  • Distribute onboarding documents for employees to review.
  • Create and send custom documents, like offer letters, to applicants.
  • Employees can access their benefit information on-the-go with Ease iOS and Android apps.


Bring your entire HR department online, synced with benefits. With Ease’s HR software, employees can request time off, managers can approve or reject time off requests, and you can set custom time-off policies too.


You don’t have to be a Fortune 500 company to submit enrollments directly to insurance carriers. EaseConnect is simpler, safer, and gets your employees their ID cards faster.

Through EaseConnect, the updates you make in the system automatically sync to carriers. Where Ease doesn’t have a carrier connection established, Ease maps information to carrier enrollment forms.

Tracking and Reporting to Stay Compliant Year-Round

Payroll Integrations
Ease integrates with top-tier payroll providers so you can keep benefit deduction and demographic information in sync.

ACA with Ease
Ensure coverage offered meets government guidelines, send required notifications, and generate IRS forms.

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