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Are You Protecting Your Legacy?

At Morin Associates, LLC, we’re here to help protect your legacy.  This is for both your personal life and your small business.  So, when we see 47% of family business owners with no successor five years from retirement, we want to help.  If you’re counted in this percentage, do you know how you’ll:

  1. Ensure the orderly payment and transition of management to your successor with the sale of your business?  This is important not just for your customers but to protect your employees as well.
  2. How will you minimize the taxes that come from selling your business?
  3. How to ensure you have enough assets to provide liquidity for your business during the transition?

These are just a few of the considerations when selling your business to a 3rd party or to a family member.  Please contact us for our free “Short Guide to Selling Your Business” for information on these questions and others you need to be prepared for, as well as how to create a step-by-step transition plan to protect your business and legacy.

Customer Reviews

Thank you for your help!

Suzi L Schell

Morin Associates is amazing!

Samantha L

5 Stars!

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Alex R

This level of care is something you cant find anywhere theses days !

Jonathan D

...extremely helpful

David W